Flash, Flowers, and Alcohol

I just got my new wireless flash triggers the other day and finally had a chance to play around with them. A lot of people hate the look of “flash” photography, and prefer natural light. This is probably because the built-in flash we have in our cameras shoots out a torpedo of harsh light directly at our subject. While this will do in a pinch, it usually looks terrible. On the other hand, when a flash is used off the camera and shot through a soft box, white umbrella, or other kind of diffuser, the result is a nice soft, natural looking light. Wireless flash triggers, which consist of a transmitter on the camera and a receiver on the flash, allow creative ways of doing this. I’m by no means an expert at this, but I’m having a great time learning!

Pink Tulips

Goldschlager Bottle


2 thoughts on “Flash, Flowers, and Alcohol

  1. Those photos look great, Jeff!
    Have you used a hot shoe flash with a diffuser box? I’m hoping to do some event photography and wondering if that might be a good option for me in less than ideal lighting conditions or if a professional grade camera will make enough of a difference… ?

    1. Thanks Shannon!
      When it’s not ideal to get the flash off camera such as at an event, I’ve had good success with a shoe mount flash with a Sto-Fen Omni Bounce diffuser attached. If the room has a white ceiling, aim the flash straight up and you will get some nice soft light bounced back down. Aiming it at a wall will work also. Thanks for your comment, hope this helps!

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