Naleśniki and a Drunken Bum

So, the other night everyone had plans except for me. Don’t worry, I wasn’t sad. I had a nice night by myself to take some photos. I started my “date” with a delicious plate of Naleśniki at an outdoor cafe in the Main Square while I waited for the sun to go down. Naleśniki are similar to crepes. They come with a variety of fillings like fruit or cheese. Mine were stuffed with apples and covered with chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.

Since I had to sacrifice a lot of space and weight in my suitcase for my tripod, I thought I better start making use of it with some long exposure night shots.

This is when I met my new “friend”. He came up to me and asked what I was doing. I thought it was pretty obvious, but maybe not to someone with beer goggles as thick as his. I chatted for a few minutes with the extremely close talking drunk. Occasionally he braced himself on my shoulder. He told me that he was a law student and had 2 more years left until he graduated. The fact that he had only 3 teeth, dirty clothes, and liquor breath that could knock you over, kind of told me otherwise.

After his “spiel” came the punch line I was waiting for, “Do you have any money for food?”. I gave him 2 złoty to get rid of him, but he said, “Only 2 złoty?!”. “Sorry, that’s all I have on me. If you don’t want it give it back!”, I replied. Of course he kept it and staggered away.

I have uploaded some new photos in addition to the ones below to the Krakow Gallery.


Karmelicka at Night

Karmelicka at Night

Sukiennice at Night

Krakow at Night

Krakow at Night


2 thoughts on “Naleśniki and a Drunken Bum

  1. The Naleśniki looks delicious. Sounds like you had a great night and the pictures are beautiful – the encounter with the drunken bum probably not so great, but he left you alone eventually. I particularly love the 2nd picture – AWESOME!

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