Analog Photography with a Soviet Zorki

Zorki 4

Several weeks ago I bought this cool Soviet camera from a vendor in the Kazimierz district here in Kraków. It is a 1963 Soviet made Zorki 4. I have wanted an old vintage film camera for a while now, and this one really jumped out at me. The body is made of aluminum and is very solid. Every part still works great. It has a removable 50mm f/2 lens. These old rangefinder cameras are focused manually using a prism and mirror arrangement between two viewing windows. Small adjustments in the angles of the prisms will align two superimposed images. When the images are aligned the subject will be in focus.

It’s so interesting to wonder who has used this camera over the last 48 years and what kind of photos were made with it.

It’s a lot of fun learning photography all over again with the manual controls. I have only shot 1 roll of film, but I am happy with the results so far.  Here are some shots from the first roll. The only post processing I did was a little cropping here and there. I have decided to keep all images just as they were straight out of the camera.

Krakow through a Zorki

Krakow through a Zorki

Krakow through a Zorki

Krakow through a Zorki

Krakow through a Zorki

Krakow through a Zorki

Krakow through a Zorki

Krakow through a Zorki

Zorki Self Portrait


12 thoughts on “Analog Photography with a Soviet Zorki

      1. I’m just breaking into the color film realm after spending years in black and white, so I’m still not sure, that’s why I asked. I have about 10 rolls of Kodak NC160 and Kodak 400 that need to be developed. I read that the Kodak NC has that soft, subdued color palette and Fuji I heard is also similar. Guess it depends what you want. Looks like your Kodak Gold has nice, crisp color representations. Nice photos, by the way. Look forward to more.

      1. You can use the Pro series, but it’s hard to find. I use regular film when going shooting. But I think it’s something we should be trying…

  1. In Romania, Zorki 4 was my first camera. In 1966 the cost was the equivalent of 2000 pcs of bread or 2 nice suits ! I was in college in these times and between the suit offered by my father and Zorki I choosed … Zorki 🙂 Veri good camera, indeed.

    1. I bought it in Poland for I think 90 Złoty (around 30 USD). For a solid, vintage camera with a great lens all in perfect working condition, I think this was a great deal.

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