Québec City in 2.5 Minutes

We visited Québec City, Canada for the first time last week. What a great city to visit! One of the nice things about Québec, is that after only a 7.5 hour drive (from MA) you can experience an old world European feel.

The Old City where we stayed is filled with historic architecture, quaint shops, and great restaurants. 15 minutes outside the city are the 275 ft high Montmorency Falls. These impressive falls are 98 ft higher than Niagara. Also nearby is the beautiful farming island, Ile d’Orleans. A single main road takes you around the perimeter of the island passing spectacular views of the St. Lawrence river, farm stands, cheese shops, and even a Creme de Cassis cellar.

If you are looking for a great place to stay, I highly recommend Hotel Maison du Fort. The hotel was very fresh and clean and the owner was super friendly and helpful. Located right in the Old Town near the Citadel, we were able to leave the car parked and explore the whole city by foot.


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