DIY Photo Project – Magnetic Mugshots


Here’s a fun DIY photo project. Start a collection of mugshots from all the friends that visit your place and stick them on your wall with magnets.

1. Have a stack of index cards and a Sharpie marker so everyone can write their name to hold up during their photo shoot.

2. Find a blank wall or backdrop where you can take a photo of your friends. Make sure you use the same spot for everyone, and remember your camera and lighting settings so all the mugshots look consistent.

3. Using your editing software of choice, set the desired effects and cropping and get the photos sent out for printing. For example, in Lightroom I set up a print template that fits six 3″ x 3″ black and white photos on an 8″ x 10″ print. Once I have 6 friends ready, I send the 8×10 out for printing.

4. Using spray adhesive, glue the 8×10 print onto a piece of foam board.


5. Carefully cut out the squares using a sharp X-acto knife.


6. Flip over the cutout and attach a magnet. I found a nice long roll of self adhesive magnetic strips at Michael’s craft store. I recommend using some hot melt glue to secure the magnet to the back of the foam board.


7. Wall preparation. Home Depot sells a magnetic primer in the paint section. Apply a couple coats of this to the wall, and then cover with the desired wall color. It will look like all the other walls, but now magnets will stick to it!




The beauty of magnets, is that you can rearrange the photos however you like to accommodate the growing collection. It’s a fun way to remember all of your friends and visitors. It’s also interesting to see how creative everyone is regarding their pose and what they write on their card.


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