We’ve Moved!

For years now, WordPress has been the home for our blog page. Now that our brand new website is finally ready, our blog page will now be built right into the website. Head over to www.baumgartcreativemedia.com to check out our new site and while you are there, please sign up to the new blog page by either entering your email address or using the RSS feed link. See you soon!


Hooked on Motion Blur

I’ve realized lately that I think I am becoming hooked on motion blur. The majority of my photos that I have been making as well as favorite photos from other people all include motion blur. There’s something vey unique and interesting about having one element in a photo streaking through the frame while everything else remains solid and sharp. I think the fun part of this kind of photography is the experimentation. There is no “correct” camera setting. This allows you to play around and be creative. You really don’t know what you will get until after the exposure has been made. Here are a couple shots from yesterday.



iPhone 5 Arrives!


I stayed up until 12:01 am last week eager to be among the first online pre-orders. After waiting an additional 30 minutes for the apple store to come back online, I realized that the pre-orders start at 12:01 am Pacific time! Being on the other coast, I went to sleep and set the alarm for 3:00 am. It was worth it though, UPS delivered my new gadget this morning! I know it’s pretty ridiculous to go through all that trouble and fuss over a phone. But, at least I didn’t camp out in front of an apple store for a week!

I’m really excited to play around with the new camera. I’m upgrading from an iPhone 4, I usually skip the “S” models. This should be more than adequate as a point and shoot replacement. The new panorama mode looks great as well.

Anyone else excited?

Make Us Some Honey!

honeybee on flower

Here is one of our bees hard at work in the garden. When you sit and watch them for a while, you really understand the term “busy bee”. And busy they have been this year! We are on track to harvest a minimum of 80 pounds of honey come this fall, maybe even closer to 100. Not bad for 1 hive! I will keep you posted, maybe even a honey harvest video.

Something New!


As you might have noticed, my blog site has changed a bit. BaumgartFoto is now Baumgart Creative Media! The changes are in name only. “Baumgart Creative Media” better encompasses all the services that I offer on a professional level, such as photography, videography, web content, print design, and more. I will continue to post photos of interesting things I find, see, and do, as well as other business related topics. Although this blog now reflects my business, it will still remain laid back and  somewhat personal. Thank you so much for following and I hope to continue to make it enjoyable!

Yours Truly,

Jeff Baumgart