Hole in One!

Danboard Golf

Danboard hit the links with us in Cape Cod this weekend. Nothing fancy, just some mini golf, but he had a great time. Especially since he beat us.


Danboard Rocks Out With Morrissey

This little cardboard box is pretty excited tonight! What, you don’t know who Morrissey is?! Take a listen here.

Who would have thought he would be able to see Morrissey live in Poland? Best part is, the venue is a small, standing room only club. Danboard hates those giant arena shows. Hopefully he will remember his camera!

Danboard Morrissey

More photos of Danboard

Danboard Visits Poland

The rumors are true, Danboard is in Poland. He was a little shy to come out in public at first because he speaks very little Polish. I let him borrow some of my books and he is progressing very well with the language. He is now comfortable mingling with the locals and he can even order a coffee with milk in Polish. He really loves Krakow and looks forward to checking out more of the sights. You can view more of his adventures here.

Danboard studying his Polish

Danboard on a Krakow rooftop

Danboard visits Krakow, Poland

Danboard visits Krakow, Poland

Danboard relaxes at a cafe in Krakow, Poland

Danboard visits Krakow, Poland

Danboard visits Krakow, Poland

Danboard visits Krakow, Poland

Danbo Goes Disco!

What do you get when you mix flash and liquor and throw in a little Danboard? Something like this I guess. I was experimenting a little with off camera flash setups. I fired a Nikon SB600 speedlight through 2 liquor bottles at camera right to light up the background. Danbo so the cool yellow and green lights and came running in for some poses. I had to use the pop-up flash on the camera to fill him in.


Danbo Disco