New Video – SoClean 2 Go

We recently created this commercial for the launch of SoClean 2 Go, the new portable CPAP equipment sanitizer from Better Rest Solutions.


Filming a Lamborghini Gallardo

I never thought that one day I would be in Poland filming a Lamborghini, but yet it happened. Since living in Poland, I have been partnering up with a friend, Jacek Sopotnicki, on some video projects here in Kraków. We received a call a couple of weeks ago from another mutual friend and manger at Hotel Witek asking if we could create a short film to promote his hotel as well as some special guests. The auto tuning team of Suhorovsky Design and their exotic cars, including a beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo, were in town for the Kraków Moto Show. What better place to stay than Hotel Witek!

Despite the challenges of a last minute shoot and filming outside in direct sunlight in the middle of the day, we made it work and had a great time.




Chemicals and Electronics (Video)

We just finished editing a couple of videos that I shot while we were back in the US last month. They were pretty interesting as we were able to get a glimpse inside of a chemical laboratory and manufacturing facility, Thor Chemicals, as well as another company, IN USA, that makes electronic components to measure and monitor ozone levels. The purpose of the videos was to highlight those two companies as well as the partnership they have with their Microsoft accounting software providers, CAL Business Solutions and Altico Advisors.


Staplers Galore

I’m currently in the editing stages of a new video about a distributing company who deals exclusively with Stanley Bostitch office products. They had a nice product display rack with loads of colored staplers which looked great as a backdrop for the interviews. Here’s a screen grab from the video and a behind the scenes shot.



A Morning With the Bees

Sunday morning was a beautiful day for a  hive inspection. The queen was located thanks to the orange dot on her back. Sometimes she’s difficult to find among 50,000 other bees! The hive is looking active and healthy. There was plenty of fresh larvae and capped brood. That sounds gross, but it is a good thing. This was also the time to add on the second deep.

I don’t really know bee stuff, actually I have no clue. I’m just repeating what I hear from the “real” beekeepers. All I contribute is the photos and video. Anyways, it’s a very interesting hobby for all of us involved.