Pineapple Pro Tip

Here’s a pineapple buying pro tip for you. We knew that a ripe pineapple should smell like a pineapple, but the lady at Trader Joe’s told us today that you should always store your pineapple like they do in the store, on it’s side. Yeah, but it doesn’t look as nice that way, kind of sad in fact. Well, apparently pineapples breathe out of their bottom (okay, stop laughing!). If they are stored bottom down, they will not continue to ripen, but will start to rot on the inside from the bottom up. Interesting, thanks Trader Joe’s!



Packing Up!

One week left before we head to Poland for 6 months, and still so much to do. Most of our belongings need to be packed and stored. I really liked how the light was shining through these glasses as they were waiting to go into their box. For the photo though, I cheated and fired a flash through them from the other side of the counter. I should really get back to work!

French fruit glass