River on Fire – Last Week in Instagram


I have been trying to take at least one interesting photo each day via the Instagram app on my iPhone. Often, it is not convenient to carry around my “big” camera. And of course, as they say, “the best camera is the one that you have with you.”

I might start posting on each Monday my favorite photo from the previous week. This is my favorite from last week. We were on our way to our friends house in NH and the sunset was stunning shades of orange and red. We passed by this little river and loved the way the sunset was reflecting on the water. My feet got wet, but I think it was worth it.

In case you want to see my whole Instagram stream, please click here.


The Cliffs of Insanity

We left Dingle this morning and headed for county Clare. Still no rain, perfect for viewing the 700 foot Cliffs of Moher. This is where they filmed the “Cliffs of Insanity” scenes from the Princess Bride.
After that we drove through the Burren, a weird but beautiful landscape of fields, cliffs, and flat limestone formations. This area is also home to some Megalithic tombs and structures that are older than the pyramids in Egypt.
Our B&B for the night is in nearby Doolin, with great rolling farmland and a stunning, rugged coastline.
O’Connor’s Pub had great food, pints, and live traditional music.







A Day in Dingle

I woke up early today to catch the sunrise over the Dingle peninsula on the west coast of Ireland. After a huge Irish breakfast we took Conor Pass, a one lane windy road through the mountains and headed into the seaside town of Dingle. The views were spectacular! There were sheep everywhere, even on the steep grassy cliffs. We stopped by the beach in Inch for a late lunch. So far, no rain on the whole trip. Tomorrow that may change.






Haggis, Whisky, and a Royal Palace

Today was our last day in Scotland. One week is definitely not enough time to see everything. I did manage to fit in some fried haggis bites though. Not as disgusting as it might seem, it was actually pretty good.
Cadenheads whisky shop let us sample some local single malts unfiltered, straight out of the cask.
We also visited the country village of Falkland, home of the famous Falkland Palace the summer hunting retreat of the ancient royal family.
Tomorrow we drive south through England and Wales to Holyhead, where we take a ferry over to Dublin to start our last week in Ireland. See ya soon!