Last Portrait of 2013

Wow, 2013 is over! Still no snow here in Poland, but there are plenty of tiny white lights that make a great portrait background. See you next year!



It’s a Girl! My First Newborn Shoot

Not wanting to turn down an opportunity to photograph something outside my comfort zone, I accepted a friend’s request to photograph their newborn. I’m not much of a baby person, but It went pretty well. I think babies are a little easier to photograph than toddlers. They pretty much just stay were you put them, and they fall asleep really quick. Once they are sleeping, you can mold them as if they were made of Play-Doh. Here are a few photos from the shoot.












New Video – The Human Sinuses

I recently finished a new video for Better Rest Solutions. This one highlights the importance of keeping our sinuses free of germs and how this is harder for people who suffer from sleep apnea and need to use a CPAP mask at night. Their product called SoClean easily and effectively disinfects CPAP equipment.
On this video, we utilized some green screen techniques as well as some animation. This was also the first time I got to try out the video capabilities of my new Nikon D600.
Make sure to select the HD option!

Sunset Bridge

sunset bridge jeff baumgart

It was very mild in New England today. That plus the fact that my new Tokina 17-35 wide angle lens was delivered today, made it a no brainer to go out and shoot. This is my favorite of the day. I was in the woods mostly, but on the way back to the car the sun was setting so nicely at the top of the hill. I like how the bridge leads the eye right up to the sunburst.