Last Portrait of 2013

Wow, 2013 is over! Still no snow here in Poland, but there are plenty of tiny white lights that make a great portrait background. See you next year!



Take a Guess

Can you guess this household item?

I was playing around with some creative off camera flash techniques. While it looks like the room was pitch black, it was actually normal day brightness. Some pretty cool effects can be achieved with a fast shutter speed (1/250), small aperture (f/16), and a tiny burst of diffused flash (1/128) from the back/side. With those camera settings the bright ambient light of the room is turned to black and the only light visible is from the flash illuminating the side of our mystery item.


Danbo Goes Disco!

What do you get when you mix flash and liquor and throw in a little Danboard? Something like this I guess. I was experimenting a little with off camera flash setups. I fired a Nikon SB600 speedlight through 2 liquor bottles at camera right to light up the background. Danbo so the cool yellow and green lights and came running in for some poses. I had to use the pop-up flash on the camera to fill him in.

Danbo Disco